To call an international number, you must dial an exit code first. In most countries this is 00 or +. For example to call Spain (34) from Ireland, dial 0034 followed by local code and number.

From the USA and Canada the exit code is 011 (example; to call Spain dial 01134...)

From Australia the exit code is 0011 to call Spain dial 001134....)

If you need to find out which country a telephone number is from, look down the list until you find the country code. The country code consists of the first 1 - 5 digits in any international telephone number.

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Codes starting 1 to 3
1 3
Codes starting 4 to 5
4 5
Codes starting 6 to 9
6 9
Alphabetical list of countries and their dialing codes;
Find out which country and region a phone number is from with International Numbering Plans analysis tool

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